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Welcome to Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

Dear students, dear young people!

Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction is a well-known educational and scientific center training full-fledged architects, construction engineers and economists. Our aim is not only to educate but also train open-minded, independent specialists who are ready for scientific researches and able to vie for world competition. Our professor-teachers staff continuously conduct scientific investigations to gain modern knowledge and to deliver them to the founders of future in the world of increasing knowledge and in the time of abundance of information. Our students not only study but also are engaged with their favorite creative work. We provide them with proper opportunities to realize their skills. Through participating in the international competitions and workshops, we teach our students to gain self-confidence and other competitive skills. Our students get introduced to the work processes directly in construction areas or at the university laboratories which are supplied with necessary technical equipments. We involve prominent specialists and modern companies to our University that have modern experience in architecture and construction areas in order to share their experience with our students. For providing our students with jobs in future, we arrange appointments with companies as well as we try to make contribution for their independent marching in life, increase their interest to education. Our aim is to train open-minded, self-confident, educated, strong-willed specialists. If you are eager to gain all those traits, then welcome to our University!

Doctor of Architecture, Honored Architect Rector of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

Gulchohra Mammadova